Note from the author

So, you have one of my business cards and scanned the code. It isn't much, but I wanted to have at least something to give you for going to the trouble of figuring out what a QR code was and how to use it (or you are just one of those, naturally imbued with tech-savvy brilliance.)

What I have for you here is a semi-dramatic reading of the first chapter of A Winter Shadow Fading - read by yours truly. I make no claims on the quality of the voice acting. *Also, apologies for the cheesy reverb effect on inner dialogue. It's cheesy because it's free. When I am a published author, I'll pay someone with 'toolz and skillz'.   :-)

This recording is ONLY available to those special people holding one of my business cards (and I only printed 50.) Based on my introverted predilection for not talking to other people, I likely still have 45 left. I merely mention this so you will feel very special.

As everyone knows, there is no way to steal audio content from the Internet. That means you and a very small number of card holders have access to a gigantic piece of historic nostalgia from Mr. Rogerson's early career days (I acknowledge the naive presumption of the previous statement and point out the obvious sarcasm in the statement previous to the previous statement).

Click the microphone below and ENJOY!