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Michael S Rogerson was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1971, where he grew up in a single-parent, middle-class home. Compared to his three siblings, he was the introvert and spent much of his time, especially during his junior high and high school years, drawing, painting or reading a book in seclusion. He actually tended to prefer a quiet room where he could be alone and think or otherwise find creative outlets such as art or music. When he was in seventh grade, Michael was introduced to the world of Dungeons and Dragons. During that same year, he discovered the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

He spent the next several years obsessed with fantasy games, movies and literature. During the summer of 1986, while listening to an obscure Journey album (Dream after Dream), specifically an instrumental track called ‘Snow Theme’, he began to envision the outline of a fantasy story. It was about a pack of rare magical white wolves. They were in danger of extinction, and a young man had to save them from the evil men hunting them down. It was sort of a ‘Last Unicorn’ story. He titled it in his head, “A Winter Shadow Fading”. That’s as far as he got, but that scrap of an idea, along with the book’s title, were tucked away in his memory. He carried them forward to the summer of 2015 when the writing spark mysteriously reignited. It was then the story took root and began to grow into a now completed novel, which it is hoped will serve as part 1 in a trilogy.

During those 29 intervening years between inception and initiation of his first book, Michael went to college to become a music educator. After marrying his beautiful bride, his career shifted from music to computers, and today he works as an I.T. manager at a Kansas City mortgage company. His wife and two nearly grown children have supported and encouraged him as he worked to complete his book, and today they cheer him on as he seeks publication.


A Winter Shadow Fading is the first book I've written. As such, I'll be building this page largely around this work as a starting point. I'll post updates about the book and its progress below.

Snowy Mountain Peaks

A Winter Shadow Fading

The first in a series...

A Winter Shadow Fading is a fantasy novel set in a land called Davonrel. For thousands of years, the enormous magical white wolves known as Vesperwilk have protected the world from the demons of Aterfold. Over the ages though, people have largely forgotten, and now they are little more than a fairytale to most.

One night, a wounded messenger collapses on Finnicus Olfram’s doorstep, warning of an evil plot to eradicate the Vesperwilk. Finn had never even heard the word before now. He becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth behind the warning and embarks on a quest of discovery. The quest becomes a mission of deliverance after he learns that without the Vesperwilk, all of Davonrel could fall into darkness. Finn is accompanied by the Archmagus’ apprentice, Cora Liluth, on whom he has a not-so-secret crush. The two must traverse the frozen Hilgrath Mountains and fight their way through demons, assassins and the very elements to reach their goal and hopefully save the day.

It is a story of magic and demons, of political intrigue and economic scheming, of opposing armies and the turmoils of war. It is also a story of young love and friendship, family loyalty, and the pain of loss.

If you were to merge a sweeping epic like The Wheel of Time series with the light-hearted variety of The Princess Bride, you would discover a pace and tone approximate to A Winter Shadow Fading.

Since we decided a few weeks ago to adopt the leaf as legal tender, we have, of course, all become immensely rich.

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